Boom! Madden Rides His Bus Into the Sunset

Madden dishes out a piece of his mind

Madden dishes out a piece of his mind

By Connor Buestad


John Madden: Where does one begin? Well, you could start off with the Super Bowl title that he brought to Oakland in 1977. Leading legendary personalities like Kenny Stabler and Jim Otto, Madden put his stamp on the Bay Area sports scene by doing what virtually every other coach has failed to do, please Al Davis.


Perhaps when you think of Madden, his video game empire comes to mind. Across the country, countless one on one battles have been waged in the virtual world that is Madden ‘0whatever. I know I’ve had some ups and downs in the football video game space. With sweating palms and a racing heart I can remember consulting John himself to call me the right play in a crucial third down and long (videogame style). Madden’s advice rarely worked, but I guess it was just his comforting “football voice” that led me back time and time again to the Madden Playbook.


Possibly your best memory of Mr. Madden could have come on the couch eating a leftover turkey sandwich, on Thanksgiving Day of course. See, that is when Madden was at his best, passing out succulent turkey legs to gamers like Barry Sanders or Brett Farve.


Many people in The Bay have grown fond of Madden from listening to his morning show appearances on KCBS, fortunately the 73 year old icon will continue to offer his opinions for us to enjoy on AM 740.


I consider Madden, a College of San Mateo and Cal Poly SLO grad to be the “Dick Vitale” of pro football. While Dickie V has brought us such vocab classics as “Diaper Dandy”, “Windex Man”, and “The Three S Man (super, scintillating, sensational)”, Madden became famous for the use of the words “Boom” and “Doink” to describe actions on the gridiron.


Regardless of how you choose to remember the guy; great coach, video game mogul, loud announcer guy, or dude who never flew, please remember him as an irreplaceable character. The football world will never see another John Madden, period.           


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