Yankee’s Entertain A’s in Billion Dollar Stadium, Sans Passionate Fans

A foul ball drops in a sea of empty $2,625 seats during a recent Yankee game

A foul ball drops in a sea of empty $2,625 seats during a recent Yankee game




By Connor Buestad


The great Yankee Clipper, Joe DiMaggio, was once quoted as saying, “I want to thank the good lord for making me a Yankee.” This classic quote was eventually made into a sign that rested inside the Old Yankee Stadium. Derek Jeter, the most famous Yankee of the past two decades is said to have “stolen” this sign and taken it home when the old stadium was closed down last Fall.


In all honesty, I believe DiMaggio was speaking from the heart when he uttered his famous words. Joe D not only hit safely in 56 straight games, but also scored Marilyn Monroe as his wife. Baseball was the undisputed national pastime and the Yankees were America’s team. How could he not be thanking the Lord.


Fast forward to 2009 and it is easy to realize that this quote simply no longer holds any merit whatsoever. It only takes one look at the smile on Jason Giambi’s face upon his return to Oakland to realize how much better it is to be an Athletic. The Yankee’s 1.5 Billion dollar stadium is grotesque; $2,625 seats behind home plate are mind boggling; a payroll over $200 million is incomprehensible.


Sure, the Oakland Coliseum has a tarped third deck and a Mt. Davis view. That said, it is comforting to know that even A’s fans sitting in the front row pay to watch a baseball game first, entertain clients and check their blackberries second.


Thank you good Lord for making me an Oakland A’s fan…Amen.







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