Music Preview: The Pack A.D. at Thee Parkside on Friday, May 29

By Garrett Wheeler


Girl power was never this cool: The Pack A.D. rippin' in to some tasty blues-rock.

Girl power was never this cool: The Pack A.D. rippin' into some tasty blues-rock.

To everyone and anyone who happened to glance at this blog’s about page, let me say: sorry, folks. You’ve probably been lying awake at night wondering when Bay Area Surf ‘N Sport was going to fulfill its promise and cover some music. Well here it is- a show, and band, that you should know about now.

 By far the coolest non-Dude (and by that I mean all-female) band to come around since, hmmm, ever is garage-rock duo The Pack .A.D. Led by guitarist/singer Becky Black, the British Columbia based outfit wallows in the rough and tumble blues-rock championed by groups like The White Stripes and the Black Keys. Of course, the Stripes and the Keys owe their jagged blues riffs to the Mississippi Delta, specifically to juke joint mainstays R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and T Model Ford. Signed to Vancouver’s Mint Records label, The Pack A.D. has two rock-solid albums under its belt, the newest being Funeral Mixtape, issued last year. Visceral and raw, with plenty of whiskey-drenched swagger, The Pack A.D. represents the best of what contemporary blues riffage has to offer. Check out their crazy-creepy music video below, and if you like what you hear, fork over the 8 bucks and see ‘em live on May 29 at Thee Parkside in San Francisco.


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