Marathon? No Thank You. Hot Sun And Cold Beer? Yes Please!

The SF Fire Department hoses down some hot runners

The SF Fire Department hoses down some hot runners

By Connor Buestad

The 98th running of the Bay To Breakers went down Sunday and correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure there is one participant who didn’t have an amazing time pounding the pavement and reveling in the City streets. Over the years the B2B’s has taken on a life all its own, and it has become as much of a trademark of SF as your typical list of Alcatraz, The GG Bridge, and Cable Cars.

In case you were wondering, Sammy Kitwara of Kenya took home the gold with a blistering time of 33 minutes, 31 seconds. A new course record. However, if you were lucking enough to run yesterday, your main concerns are probably limited to your tight hamstrings, sunburn, and lingering hangover.

In a day in age where marathons are all the rage, San Franciscan’s have stayed true to their roots. Sure, finishing a course spanning 26.2 miles is a feat worthy of hanging one’s hat, but 7.46 miles of hills, costumes, beer, and nudity is just more enjoyable. Try to run a marathon in Boston or New York and you might find yourself on a daunting waiting list. Even worse, on race day you might run into rules prohibiting nudity, beer guzzling and public urination. Now that doesn’t sound like too much fun, does it?


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