Jaw Dropping Jumper Lifts Cavs In Magical Game 2

Maybe Hedo just wasn't guarding him tight enough

Maybe Hedo just wasn't guarding him tight enough

By Connor Buestad

If you are any kind of a sports fan, you have been slugged upside the head by the NBA’s most recent marketing campaign… “Where Amazing Happens.” Friday night in Cleveland, LeBron James lived up to that catchphrase and then some with his absurd fall-away game winner over Magic Forward Hedo Turkoglu.

It is no secret that the NBA, ESPN, ABC, Nike, etc. are all longing for a potential Finals matchup between LeBron and Kobe. The amount of revenue that a Lakers-Cavs Championship would bring the sport is immeasurable. ESPN recently ran an hour long promotional special on LeBron and Kobe. Nike has released a new line of commercials involving the two superstars as well.

Somewhere, David Stern, Phil Knight, and Steven A. Smith all let out a collective sigh of disgust when Hedo Turk-o-who hit what looked to be the game winning shot with one second left. The series appeared to be headed back to Orlando with the Magic comfortably up 2-0 in the best of seven series. Not so fast my friends. King James had other ideas.

Everyone and their Mom knew who was going to take the last shot but it didn’t matter, did it. Only a man of LeBron’s unmatched strength and body control would have the ability to rise so high, fade so far, and be so clutch. By no means was this a desperate, “lucky” shot. It was simply a one second microcosm of how good this man really is. Amazing…


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