A Look At How Athletes Celebrate

Two seconds ago this guy was hitting tennis balls, now he is sobbing on his knees.

Two seconds ago this guy was hitting tennis balls, now he is sobbing on his knees.

By Connor Buestad

Roger Federer’s celebration following the final point of this year’s French Open was oh-so predictable. If you’ve watched tennis even just a handful of times in your life, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For whatever reason, tennis players just love to break down and cry after they win a tournament. I have nothing against the traditional post match cry, it just seems peculiar as to why this form of celebration is so strongly embedded in tennis culture.

As I pondered the world of sports and its celebratory traditions, it got me thinking about some of my favorites.

NASCAR is always a classic. The winning driver is awarded the opportunity to drive doughnuts into a pasture of perfectly manicured grass. He also gets to do back flips off the top of his car and shamelessly plug all 37 of his corporate sponsors. I swear I recently saw one driver take two sips of Gatorade, one sip of Pepsi, and eat half a Snickers, all during one post race interview.

Boxing is also features a good celebratory routine. Both arms are hoisted into the sky as a posse 40 deep rush to the champion’s side to congratulate and further promote their winner. The interview usually consists of a retirement pledge by the fighter…a pledge that should never be taken seriously.

When speaking of soccer celebrations, I don’t know where to begin. When a goal is scored in a soccer crazed country, all hell breaks loose. First you have the players themselves. Typically, you’ll see the goal scorer play a grown up game of catch me if you can with his teammates. Said goal scorer is typically caught in one of the four corners of the field where he slides on his knees or does some sort of funny dance. The fans themselves have a habit of throwing toilet paper on the field, lighting firecrackers and trampling all those who happen to be in their way.

I urge any and all readers of Bay Area Surf ‘n Sport to chime in with their favorite or most ridiculous sports celebration traditions…


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  1. lina

    well, i’m not going to lie… i celebrate with a pretty sick victory dance whenever the chargers win. i don’t think i’ve cried after a victory though… but i did cry like a big baby after losing our 14-2 season to the cheatin scumbag patriots.

    hopefully next season will bring more dances than tears!!

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