A Weekend Battle By The Bay

Maybe the coolest poster of all time

Maybe the coolest poster of all time

By Connor Buestad

You can’t ask for a much better pitching matchup than what you’ll see Friday night in the City. If you are rooting for the Giros, you have the most exciting pitcher in the sport taking the mound for your squad in Tim Lincecum. If you happen to be an A’s fan, you will be led by New Jersey native Vin Mazzaro. Unless you double as a River Cat fan, there is a good chance you had no idea who this guy was 3 weeks ago. All he’s done in his first two games as a big leaguer is win two games without letting up a single run.

The Giants are clearly the favorite in this series. Not only do they have Lincecum going for them in Game 1, they also have Randy Johnson slated to pitch Saturday night, followed by Matt Cain on Sunday afternoon. This lethal one, two, three punch has Giant fans believing they could do some damage if they manage to sneak into the playoffs come October. Currently, they are only 1 game out of the Wildcard spot with a 31-28 record. If Pablo “Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval swings the bat like he knows how, it could prove to be a long weekend for the Athletics.

Oakland will certainly come across the bridge with lots of momentum. A recent winning streak finds the A’s with a record of 27-32 coming into Friday night. A measly 6.5 games behind the AL West leading Texas Rangers. The A’s could move into second place in their division if they can manage to conquer the Giant pitching staff.

It should be fun to see what kind of storylines develop in China Basin this weekend. Sure, it’s not 1989, but anytime the A’s and Giants tango by the Bay, it’s the hottest ticket in town.


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