Warriors Drop The Ball, Decide On A Bonehead Pick

"46" better not represent the number of wins the Warriors will have come next May

"46" better not represent the number of wins the Warriors will have come next May

By Connor Buestad

“With the seventh pick, of the 2009 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors select, Stephen Curry, from the University of Davidson.” 

Or is it Davidson University? Wait, more importantly, where the hell is this school called Davidson? Furthermore, why are we taking 89 pound Stephen Curry with our hard earned 7th pick of the draft? Are you kidding me?

The last time I saw Curry play was late at night in the hills of Moraga this past March. In that lovable little gym known as McKeon Pavilion, I watched the St. Mary’s Gaels put an end to Curry’s season. St. Mary’s people! Not the Boston Celtics or the Los Angeles Lakers, but the St. Mary’s Gaels.

Now, I understand Curry played well that night. Who can forget his rainbow three from the top of the half court arc in the first half of that game? I realize he’s a sharp shooter and an overall great scorer, but the 7th pick. Really? I thought players like Curry were a dime a dozen down in D-League (they are by the way). There is no chance you’re telling me the Warriors are going to turn around their struggling franchise with this dude hoisting three pointers at Oracle next season.

In my opinion, Warriors brass has been duped by the whole idea of March Madness. Davidson came out of the Southern Conference and made a Cinderella run to the Elite 8 of the 2008 NCAA Tournament. Curry had a great four games on CBS, busted some brackets, and captured the hearts of many. A good story by all accounts, but when did an improbable run in the tourney translate into a standout NBA career? I see Curry as a JJ Redick type in the League, only a tad bit less productive and a lot more injury prone. Get excited Warrior Fans!

Many talking heads out there are claiming the Warriors are simply using Stephen Curry as trade bait in an attempt to acquire Amare Stoudemire from the Phoenix Suns. That’s all well and good, but that still doesn’t explain why you take a guy like Curry, especially if you end up keeping him around.

Let me take a minute and enlighten you on some of the Guards we passed on in order to fill our plate with Curry. Brandon Jennings, Wayne Ellington, Patty Mills, the list goes on. I would have even liked to have seen Tyler Hansbrough picked by the W’s instead of a generic Shooting Guard like Curry. (Can you imagine the intensity this Hansbrough character is going to have to bring to the League if he expects to stay competitive?)

Sometimes I wonder… While Don Nelson is off in Hawaii downing Vodka Tonics and smoking stogies by the pool, who’s steering this ship of ours? And to where?!?

My bright yellow “We Believe” t-shirt is fading as we speak…



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2 responses to “Warriors Drop The Ball, Decide On A Bonehead Pick

  1. Jordy Hill

    If you think pure shooters who can handle the ball and who are excellent passers are a dime a dozen in the D-League you should start writing about a different sport.

    Hansbrough = a harder working Todd Fuller.

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