For ManRam, Rules Need Not Apply

Not a care in this world

Not a care in this world

By Connor Buestad

It must be nice, you know, to live in a world exempt from the whole idea of rules and repercussions. For Manny Ramirez, this fantasy world is actually a reality. Can someone tell me how he pulled this off?

On Tuesday night, Manny paid his first visit to the Big Apple as a steroid fraud. While he did hear some boo birds, most of the negative noise was drowned out by cheers from his adoring contingent of fans that seems to stretch coast to coast. I have always been a fan of Manny myself, perhaps for no other reason that he is the most entertaining player to follow in the game of baseball.  

By now, nothing ceases to amaze me with this guy. I’d say the most impressive thing he’s done as of late is successfully make Dodger manager Joe Torre his own little puppet.

We all can remember when Jason Giambi was traded to the Yankees. He went from looking like a rock star to a choir boy in minutes. Giambi’s long hair and scruffy beard made way to a much more business appropriate look. At the time, Giambi had no choice. He was forced to follow Mr. Torre’s long standing rule of no facial or long hair allowed. Even in this day in age of multi million dollar contracts, everyone seemed to follow this rule religiously. Even Johnny ‘Jesus’ Damon paid his respects to Torre’s rule when he came to the Yankees from Boston.

However, when Manny came on the scene such petty rules quickly evaporated. Torre initially joked that Ramirez would be forced to follow his old Yankee rule and trim up his dome, but of course this never happened. Instead, Manny has called all the shots since his arrival in LA. In Tuesday night’s Dodger win, Ramirez was thrown out of the game in the 5th inning for arguing a called third strike. Afterward he was quoted as saying, “But I was coming out in the fifth inning anyway, so it was no big deal.” Sounds ridiculous, except for the fact that Joe Torre fully supported these comments in a post game interview.

Barry Bonds is known today as an arrogant cheat who is bad for the game of baseball. Bonds was a much better player than Manny could ever hope to be. It makes you wonder how Ramirez has been able to escape the shadow of his 50-game steroid suspension with his image as a lovable hero still fully intact. Maybe it’s the hair. 


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