Let Wildcard Weekend Pick Up Your Spirits


Singletary singing the blues

By Connor Buestad

The Bay Area football landscape couldn’t look any more grim. Pick up the Chronicle or throw on KNBR and prepare for the worst. Whether it be Ray Ratto ripping into the Raiders or Tony Bruno crushing on the ‘Niners, the truth hurts…   

The Raiders were abysmal as usual. Of course, this should be somewhat expected. I’m no chemist, but when you mix a senile owner with a couldn’t-care-less quarterback, the results are bound to be ugly. Throw in a coaching staff that gets in fights with themselves more often than the Tribe in Major League I, and you’re left with a train wreck.

The ‘Niners. Well, the ‘Niners tried hard. At least that’s what Sergeant Singletary would like us to believe. For what has proven over the years to be a die-hard 49er fan base at Candlestick, a .500 record just isn’t going to cut it for the fans. Of course, the jury is still out on Alex Smith. Who knows what to make of this guy’s future? In ten years will he be dust in the wind, or will he selling Hanes underwear like Joe or Toyota trucks like Steve? Peg me as cautiously optimistic.

My Sturdy Golden Bears have quietly taken a nosedive off of the national football stage. Blowout losses to Oregon, USC, and Washington coupled with a poor performance in the (insert sponsor) Bowl, has left Bear Backers with a bad taste in their mouth. Another quarterback quandary seems imminent next year and Jahvid Best is long gone to the pros. No bueno. But wait, once they finish construction on that state-of-the-art training facility up by the Stadium, all our problems will be solved. Right? Right.

Finally, there was Stanford. The Cardinal were the only Bay Area team that was able to turn in a relatively successful season. The fact that they beat USC on the road by 34 points is ridiculous enough, but almost producing a Heisman Trophy winner? That just isn’t supposed to happen at a college where the average student earned a 4.4 GPA in high school.

When Moss is fined by league officials, cash is his only form of payment

So… what better way to put your Bay Area Football Blues behind you than with a full slate of NFL matchups this weekend? Two days, four games, and not a single point-spread over 5 points.

The afternoon game on Saturday pits the upstart New York Jets, Jets, Jets against the Cincinnati Bengals. Grieving two deaths in and around the Bengal family from earlier this year, Cinci should have the emotional fortitude to prevail at home versus New York. However, if the Jets manage to pull an upset, you can bet that those following Pete Carroll’s twitter account (@PeteCarroll), will get an earful about how proud he is of his boy Mark.

In Saturday’s nightcap, Dallas with play host to Philadelphia. Two stories lines I look for here is, A) how much damage will DeSean Jackson do every time he touches the ball? and B) will Tony Romo be able to silence his critics and finally make a run in the postseason? This game is full of big personalities, questionable coaches, and a massive Jumbotron.

Turn on the tube Sunday morning and you will catch the Ravens taking on the Patriots in New England. I’m excited for this game simply because my favorite player will be in it, Randy Moss. How can you not pull for a guy that only puts out effort when the big money is on the line? Look for number 81 to be doing that sweet “breast stroke” endzone dance of his after hauling in 6.    

The final game of the weekend gives us Green Bay at Arizona. Will it be the talented, young, UC Berkeley alum leading the Pack to victory or will it be grocery-bagging-old-fart Kurt Warner holding his ground? I’m obviously going to have to pull for Aaron Rodgers in this one. That said. I have mad respect for Warner for setting such a weird but awesome trend. QB’s who wear gloves… 


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  1. Crowell

    You gotta admit the Raiders are a comic relief for Bay Area sports. Though sports have been lack luster, not every region has that luxury. Just imagine how Seattle feels. Losing the Sonics and now the hawks are in the dumps for the what looks like a while.

    Oh. And Cust signed a one year deal. AL West Title for sure.

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