‘Broadway O’ Leads Moraga On Magic Carpet Ride

"The Beast" always has his mouth open

Omar Samhan (@OmarSamhan), the pride of San Ramon Valley High School, is piggybacking a group of fearless Australians and heading straight for Texas. Once there, him and his “mates” will do battle with the Baylor Bears in what is sure to be must watch television, especially if you live in the rolling hills of Lamorinda. That stands for Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda, for those of you who aren’t hip.

Samhan, the 6’11’’ postman for Randy Bennett’s St. Mary’s Gaels, is the proud owner of two fantastic nicknames. The first is ‘Broadway O’, a creative reference to New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath. How’d this happen, you ask? Well the story goes that Omar was heard guaranteeing victory in the WCC final versus Gonzaga, in what was a do-or-die game. The Gaels won said game, avoided the NIT, and the nickname has stuck almost as nicely as O’s back-to-the-basket post moves. Samhan also goes by “The Beast”, which conveniently enough is tattooed on the underside of Omar’s bottom lip. You get the picture.

Omar never saw an interview he didn’t like, and when the man gets a chance to speak, it’s worth listening. Sunglasses on a foggy day, talking in the third person, trashing on past and future opponents, its all fair game with this guy. Let’s just say that come late Friday night, you can bet there’ll be a memorable sound bite waiting for you when you flip on Chronicle Live.


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One response to “‘Broadway O’ Leads Moraga On Magic Carpet Ride

  1. Rogue Mentality

    The Beast killed on the BS Report yesterday. Did they add high quotability to his scouting report?

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