Diaper Dandy Keenan Allen Dices up Davis in Season Opener

Keenan loves the kids

By Connor Buestad

Ted Heads the world over should be proud.

With Saturday’s 52-3 drubbing of UC Davis, Cal head coach Jeff Tedford passed the legendary Pappy Waldorf on Berkeley’s all-time wins list (he now has 68 w’s). More impressive, I would argue, is that last spring Mr. Tedford managed to march into the heart of ACC country (Greensboro, North Carolina) and convince Keenan Allen to bring his talents to Berkeley.

Color me grateful that Keenan didn’t do the wrong thing and take his talents to South Beach.

The first time Allen touched the ball, he promptly scampered for a gain of 17. This set the tone for what proved to be a coming out party in front of 58k at Memorial Stadium. By the end of the first half, Allen’s Madden ’11 like jukes, coupled with his gazelle like strides, set everyone in attendance abuzz with newfound hope for the Bears 2010 campaign.

Perhaps the highlight of the day came when Allen ran a reverse around the right side, thought about passing to a receiver down field, but finally chose to dart clear across the grid in the opposite direction for a score. By days end, Allen had two touchdowns and a series of impressive touches under his belt.

Now, this is obviously much too soon, but I’m gonna say it anyway… was that a taller version of Deion Sanders out there? Let’s just say the two have more in common than simply sharing the number 21.

The post game interview featured Allen beaming from ear to ear, describing in simple terms why he was so fantastic on Saturday. A quote that stood out in particular? “I just look for the green grass,” said Allen. “That’s what I’ve been taught my whole life. Just look for green grass and run to it.” This sounds a bit like Neon Deion if you ask me. Now Keenan just needs to add some shades and a gold chain to his mini-mowhawk look, learn how to play baseball, line up at defensive back, and he should be all set for the Colorado game next week.

Speaking of Colorado, the soon to be Pac 10 member Buffaloes are coming off a big win over instate rival Colorado State on Saturday. No doubt, Colorado will bring with them a strong, battletested squad to Strawberry Canyon, along with a fan base that understands how to hydrate for a game.

Kickoff for Colorado v. Cal is this coming Saturday at 12:30. The Keenan Allen show is set to resume on the Bears first offensive possession…

Allen routinely slipped through the Aggie defense on Saturday



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2 responses to “Diaper Dandy Keenan Allen Dices up Davis in Season Opener

  1. JP Flash

    Keenan Allen did look good on Saturday but before we, in the immortal words of Denny Green, “crown his ass,” let’s keep in mind he did all of that against MY UC Davis Aggies. His two TDs while spectacular were products of him being way more athletic than the pedestrian Aggies. If he does that against Oregon or USC then we can start talking for real. Good debut but let’s not give UCD or Allen too much credit (even though we did beat Stanfurd, albeit 5 years ago but still).

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