A Bounty of Music in the Middle of the Bay


By Connor Buestad

In my experience on this earth, god knows how many times I’ve popped the question, “What type of music do you like?” Over all these years, I’ve essentially only received two different responses. It’s either “I like all types of music, depending on my mood, I guess.” Or sometimes I’ll get, “I like everything except country, pretty much.” That’s it. Two responses. Nothing more, nothing less.

Keeping this in mind, I’m going to go ahead and assume every last one of my loyal readers would be interested in attending the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend. Music will be played, none of it will be country (at least I don’t think), and good times will be had.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to be honest with you and admit that I’m not a qualified music critic. In fact, my means of discovering new music is considered pretty shallow, at least in some circles. I’ve taken a big gulp of the Pandora Kool-Aid as of late, and what I’m left with is a smattering of songs that I really like, with no vinyl to show for it. Regardless, many of these songs will be played this weekend on an island in the middle of the Bay, in what is shaping up to be a splendid event. Miike Snow, LCD Soundsystem, Belle & Sebastian, Rogue Wave, etcetera, etcetera, will all be on stage at some point over the weekend, doing their best to make heads nod, feet shuffle, and minds open.

Please note: The Vegas over/under on how many Hoopsters will be attending this event is still unknown….may the best jersey win.

R&R TI style


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