ASP World Surfing Tour Comes to San Francisco November 1st through the 12th


By Connor Buestad

Attention folks: Kelly Slater (former “Baywatch” guest-star/current Pro Surf King) is on his way to the Sunset District of San Francisco. He’ll arrive in roughly 13 days (Nov. 1) and he plans on staying for a couple of weeks depending on the weather. #Kowabunga?

Yes, this is kind of a big deal. Especially for a city in which a day at the beach usually consists of a down jacket, a cup of Joe, and little else. Slater, as you may have heard, holds his sport’s honor of being the “Michael Jordan of Surfing”. The man is now 39 years old and has accumulated 10 ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) World Tour titles over his long and distinguished career. Come early next month, Slater will likely seal his 11th World Title on the shores of the San Francisco Bay. Turns out, you’re invited as well, free of charge.

The ASP World Tour consists of 11 events around the world. This year, San Francisco was a surprise selection to be one of the hosts. SF will be the 10th stop on this year’s tour that has been zigzagging across to the globe to places like Portugal, South Africa, and French Polynesia. Somehow, San Francisco got looped into this list of exotic locales, but I suppose nobody is complaining.

Rip Curl will be sponsoring the event, thus the contest name “Rip Curl Pro Search”. Between November 1-12, event officials will decide on the four best surfing days to hold the contest. Each morning at 7:30am, the public will be notified if the event will be taking place that day, with the first heat typically starting at 8am. Ocean Beach is a notoriously fickle surf spot that is hard to predict even on its most predictable days. Fortunately, early November usually calls for an array of glassy, tasty barrels, so let’s hope 2011 is no different.

Photo by Nate Lawrence


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