A Bounty of Music in the Middle of the Bay


By Connor Buestad

In my experience on this earth, god knows how many times I’ve popped the question, “What type of music do you like?” Over all these years, I’ve essentially only received two different responses. It’s either “I like all types of music, depending on my mood, I guess.” Or sometimes I’ll get, “I like everything except country, pretty much.” That’s it. Two responses. Nothing more, nothing less.

Keeping this in mind, I’m going to go ahead and assume every last one of my loyal readers would be interested in attending the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend. Music will be played, none of it will be country (at least I don’t think), and good times will be had.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to be honest with you and admit that I’m not a qualified music critic. In fact, my means of discovering new music is considered pretty shallow, at least in some circles. I’ve taken a big gulp of the Pandora Kool-Aid as of late, and what I’m left with is a smattering of songs that I really like, with no vinyl to show for it. Regardless, many of these songs will be played this weekend on an island in the middle of the Bay, in what is shaping up to be a splendid event. Miike Snow, LCD Soundsystem, Belle & Sebastian, Rogue Wave, etcetera, etcetera, will all be on stage at some point over the weekend, doing their best to make heads nod, feet shuffle, and minds open.

Please note: The Vegas over/under on how many Hoopsters will be attending this event is still unknown….may the best jersey win.

R&R TI style


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Torturous Giants Look to Take San Francisco to Heaven

These game 1 and 2 starters are sure to hear it from Philly fans

By Connor Buestad

By sports law, I’m not even sure I’m allowed to be writing about the Giants this time of year. A lifelong A’s fan, there’s a part of me that thinks I should just ignore my October baseball jones altogether, listen to NPR and read the New Yorker all night, and completely ignore the Gigantes’ run. Well, that’s just not gonna happen. I’ve been sucked into the KNBR sports machine like the rest of us, and I can’t turn my eyes away. My only saving grace is that I’m only looking at this bandwagon, knowing full well the repercussions of committing the evil sin of actually touching the thing.

The SF Giants, who have yet to win a World Series in their 50-some-odd-year history, have found themselves in baseball’s Final Four. Now all they have to do is navigate past the Phillies filthy pitching and Yankees payroll, and the trophy will be theirs. Of course, this is no easy task by any stretch, but if there ever was a team that reminds me of the ’04 “Idiots” of Boston, it’s these Giants.

The Giants most prized player is undoubtedly Tim Lincecum, aka The Freak, aka Big Time Timmy Jim. He nearly threw a no-no against the Bravos in game 1 of the NLDS. Some are calling said pitching performance the best ever by a man in a Giants uniform. High praise if you ask me. Timmy is also beloved in San Francisco for his penchant for living a green lifestyle and dropping f-bombs in front of 44,000 people. (For what its worth, Lincecum is said to have contracted a blister on his finger that could prove bothersome in Saturday’s game 1 in Philly.)

Not far behind The Freak on the popularity scale out here in San Francisco is Brian Wilson. The dude’s beard is just bonkers. Who knows if it’s real or how much Just For Men he puts in it each morning. What is growing in it? What ninja movie is he filming on the side? The questions just keep adding up and never stop. To his credit, Wilson is also very entertaining to watch close out baseball games. He basically refuses to give into hitters and challenge them with fastballs over the plate, instead dragging 9th innings out to torturous lengths in hopes of picking up the save the Wilson Way. Which always turns out to be the craziest way possible.

Rounding out the roster is a cast of characters that benefit from the absence of first team all A-Hole Barry Bonds. Kung Fu Panda Sandoval is always a blast to watch wobble around, Juan Uribe’s home run derby hacks are awesome and Barry Zito’s blue New Balance running shoes are always endearing. As much as I hate to say it, look around the clubhouse, and what you’ll see is a motley crue of Gamers who are fun to watch.  

Enjoy the torture…    

Not sure what PED test this dude passed?

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In Honor of SF’s Indian Summer…

Photos provided by Sandy and John French. See more of their work at http://h2opolopics.smugmug.com/

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Free of Expectations, Bears Roaring out of the Gates

Cal's defense routinely smothered Colorado for four quarters (PhotoBy:Heimdall Siao)

By Connor Buestad

I understand where Bay Area sports fans are coming from. I really do.

Hell, take a look around, there’s been a lot of losing going on in these parts, for a lot longer than we could have ever expected. Especially over the last couple of years, my three East Bay teams, the A’s, Warriors, and Raiders have all been fairly depressing to watch/follow. The same cannot be said for the Cal football team, but they have managed to be a downer in a different kind of way: routinely filling the bubble of expectations to the hilt, only to have it burst by midseason.

Luckily, the 2010 season seems to be bucking this ugly trend, if for no other reason that this year’s version of the Bears came without a preseason ranking and all of the hopes and dreams that come with national recognition.

Even so, talk to an Old Blue on this Monday morning and I’ll bet said Blue will be cautiously optimistic about what the Bears have put together over their first two “tests” of the season. Chances are, you’ll get something like this, “Welp, hold your horses there son, we still have a LONG way to go, let me tell you.”

Fine, I understand UC Davis and Colorado are not exactly the ’93-’94 Charlie Ward Florida State Seminoles, but when you outscore your first two opponents 104-10, I’m going to take the liberty to get a little bit excited about the 10 games that lie ahead on Cal’s schedule.

Saturday’s tilt versus soon-to-be PAC 12 member Colorado turned into a laugher on both sides of the ball, leading to an eventual final score of 52-7. The late arriving crowd at sun-splashed Memorial Stadium was treated to a defensive clinic put on by the Bears, highlighted by six sacks, three INT’s, and two touchdowns. Poor Buffs QB Tyler Hansen looked lost all day.

On the offensive side of the ball, Cal’s single caller Kevin Riley quietly threw for four touchdowns on 15-27 passing for 197 yards. By all accounts, it wasn’t his best performance, but if he keeps lighting up the scoreboard with 52’s, no one will be complaining.

With Cal’s two home onslaughts over Davis and Colorado now in the books, all attention turns toward “The Biggest Little City” and the University of Nevada Wolfpack. It will be a short week for both squads as the contest will take place on Friday night on ESPN2 (7pm). This is fitting, when you consider the game will be played in a “Friday Night Lights” type stadium (Mackay Stadium holds just a shade less than 30,000). The Big House it is not.

If the Bears are looking for a test on their trip up to Nevada, they are likely to find one in Wolfpack QB Colin Kaepernick. The 6’6” red-shirt Senior is the real deal by all accounts, equipped with a plus arm, eye-opening speed and overall impressive athleticism.  

Friday night, under the lights, on the Deuce…can you say appointment television?

Speaking of Old Blue's... (PhotoBy:parksjd1)

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